Property Management

Imagine you own a beautiful home in Malta but you want to go away for a couple of months. Who will take care of the maintenance? When are the bills coming in? Maybe it would also make sense to rent out your house while you’re traveling?

Enjoy all the benefits of your investment without the added worry.

By using the services of a property manager you can leave your home without any hesitation and, at the same time, avoid any unnecessary surprises when you return.

The Services Offered by a Property Manager:

Maintenance of your Property –

The property manager will regularly check your property for problems. Any issues will be reported and all repairs (with your consensus) will be supervised by the property manager. The use of these services are very common when people rent out their property. A property manager is specialised in operating on the rental market and has a network of pre-vetted, skilled tradesmen to fix any problems fast and at the most competitive rates.

Rental of your Property –

There is a huge demand on the rental market in Malta. Renting out your property offers a great yield all year round. A property manager can rent out your property for both long and short let periods, collect the rent, utility fees and transfer it to you hassle free.

Mail Collection and Forwarding Services –

All mail can be collected and forwarded on to another address.  Would you like to receive a monthly mail summary or only receive utility bills? A property manager can arrange this for you.

Real Estate Management for Rental Properties

DeVink Estates offers a fully customisable property management package for those who wish to rent out their property. Services include;

  • Promotion of your Property via trusted real estate networks.
  • Bookings, Reservations and all associated Payments.
  • Formal Representation during Owner’s Association meetings etc.
  • All Invoicing and Billing.
  • Check-in. Welcoming new tenants and delivery of any special instructions regarding the property.
  • Check-out. Thorough inspection of the property and itinerary prior to the departure of tenants.
  • Full Complaints Mediation.
  • Maintenance Work – Organisation and Supervision.
  • Cleaning and Laundry Services.
  • Mail Collection and Forwarding Services

Besides those described above, DeVink Estates offers other services that may be required such as grocery shopping and transfers to or from the airport.