Letting Consultant

Your letting inquiry deserves the required attention and service.

At DeVink Estates (DVE) we treat your letting inquiry with great importance because your home matters. To ensure that we offer the right property we want to understand your letting inquiry while at the same time inform you about the Maltese letting market to set the right expectations and help you along in the process.

How DVE can help?

Having years of experience in the Maltese letting market DVE can consult throughout the process of finding and signing for the right property. DVE applies a proven successful method where we pay much attention to set up your letting inquiry before assigning our skilled and experienced letting agents within the DVE network.

DVE assigns experienced letting agents from different agencies ensuring a vast selection of rental properties while you save time to approach them separately and provide you with consultation along the way.

The Housing package

To ensure that you receive truly independent impartial advice and a confidential consultant who will remain your point of contact until you’re settled, DVE offers to work on a pre-arranged consultancy fee rather than a commission scheme, assuring you the level of service you require.

How does this work?

The first step is to get in touch and set up a meeting or video conference where we can get acquainted, answer your questions, give advice or suggestions on preferable rental area’s etc to set up your rental inquiry and schedule viewings if the date of your arrival is already known.

Your rental inquiry will be communicated through our network and matching properties will be presented to you in due time. The properties you select will be scheduled for viewings or other alternatives will be presented in case these are rented out before.

We will only show you properties that actually match your inquiry handling your time as efficient as possible.

During viewings we represent only you and give you independent and impartial advice when it comes to market value, quality of the property, neighborhood, commute to places of interest etc. We pick you up and drop you back off from any place you desire.

Our aim is to show you all the pro’s and con’s, so you can make a balanced decision.

When you wish to rent a property, we take on the negotiations with the owner and draft a lease agreement securing your interests. Before you sign a lease agreement, we will make sure you’re fully informed about your rental rights and obligations towards the rental contract and the correct handling of the security deposit, first payment(s) of the rent and (if applicable) extra agency fees involved. We can assist you with applying for the “correct” utility rates, set you up with internet and other services you require for your new home.

If you wish to rent a property prior to your arrival, we can inspect properties and send you reports together with pictures and videos. Lease agreements can be signed on your behalf through power of attorney.

Aftersales service

After you signed a lease agreement, we offer you a lift to your new rental home, so you can move your belongings at the same time. We will remain your representative in relation to your new landlord until you’re fully settled in. We will be available to answer any questions related to your lease agreement or rental rights.

The DVE consultants are Mark de Vink and Elina Gabrane for rental inquiries in Malta and Marcel Buitenhuis for Gozo.

Why use an independent agent?

A primary need and usually the most essential in the relocation process is finding the right property to settle down in. 

Unfortunately, the Maltese rental market is highly unregulated, giving the tenant insufficient legal protection and aid. Therefore, accurate information and advice in addition to a thorough written contract is paramount to safeguard a letting agreement in terms of flexibility for the tenant and future negotiation with the owner.

Since real estate agents in Malta work on a commission-based model only, their agenda might conflict with your interests. A letting agent usually does not disclose all the property details and is less likely to take on rental negotiations since they will lower their income and half of their commission is paid by the landlord. Depending on one’s letting inquiry it can even be difficult to find an agent who is willing to arrange viewings or give the level of service required. This certainly applies for persons who would prefer to find a shared apartment.

How much will this cost me?

The housing package costs €380 + 18% VAT.

Included in the package are 6 viewing hours where one can expect to view around 10 properties depending on the localities and the time you spend viewing a property. We do offer a guarantee of viewing a minimum of 4 rental properties. Also included in the package is assistance with contract signing and drafting of a customized contract, registering you as tenants with the water and electricity provider to get the cheaper rates, assist you with any subscriptions needed for the household such as internet, tv packages etc., a move in service after signing a lease agreement and an after relocation service where we offer our expertise if you have any contractual questions or issues. Upon signing the Housing Package agreement, we will send you our 30 pages Rental Malta Guide with tips and advice on every aspect related to the Maltese rental market.  

Additional costs that might apply 

If you require additional viewing hours, these will be offered at €40 per viewing hour. However, you are free to continue your rental search without the personal assistance of the DVE consultant once you have utilized the 6 viewing hours. The DVE consultant will send you reports of the viewing hours used on a regular basis or upon request. Once you have found your dream house the DVE consultant will guide you with the negotiations and signing/drafting of the lease agreement and all other services described above as this is included in the Housing package.

DVE collaborates with other real estate agencies to offer you the vast majority of rental properties available on the market. When you decide to rent a property that has been presented to you via an external real estate agency an agency fee will apply. This agency fee is to be paid directly to the agency involved. The agency fee for rental properties is half a month’s rent + 18% VAT for contracts longer than 3 months and 10% of the total rent amount for contracts shorter than 3 months. DVE clients get a 25% discount on this agency fee. The DVE agent will also search for properties directly from owners where, in case you are to rent such a property, no agency fee applies to you. The DVE consultant will announce if an extra agency fee applies when presenting available rental properties.

Examples of total costs for the first month when renting a property:

Ex. 1 you decide to rent a property for €2000 per month presented by a DVE collaborating agency.

(€) inclusive of VAT
Rent 2000
Security Deposit 2000
Contribution water/electricity 100
Internet subscription 35
Costs Housing Package 448,40
Agency fee 1180
Agency fee discount for DVE clients -295
Total 5468,40

Ex. 2 you decide to rent a property for €1000 per month presented by a DVE collaborating agency.

(€) inclusive of VAT
Rent 1000
Security Deposit 1000
Contribution water/electricity 100
Internet subscription 35
Costs Housing Package 448,40
Agency fee 585
Agency fee discount for DVE clients -146,25
Total 3025,90

Ex. 3 you decide to rent a room in a shared accommodation for €500 per month presented directly by the DVE consultant.

(€) inclusive of VAT
Rent 500
Security Deposit 500
Contribution water/electricity 50
Internet subscription (contribution) 17,50
Costs Housing Package 337,60
Total 1405,10