Buying Consultant

Your confidential advisor representing yourself solely in the Maltese housing market.

Since the majority of the Maltese property that are for sale or not listed exclusively with one agency (“open agency”), the traditional roll of the Maltese real estate agent represents both the seller and the buyer. Basically, several real estate agencies offer buyers the same property where the seller pays an agency fee only to the selling agent upon signing the final deed. With this market dynamic, the buyer’s agent also represents the selling party since they are the one paying their commission in the end.

Our success is your guarantee

DeVink Estates collaborates with established real estate agencies, being able to offer you a vast selection of real estate listings in both Malta and its sister island Gozo. Furthermore, our collaboration allows us to represent yourself solely while our collaborating partners can represent the sellers’ interest. This collaboration has proven to be successful for our clients for many years.

No Cure No Pay & A Cure No Pay

In Malta, the common practice is that the seller pays the agency fees involved upon signing the final deed. DeVink Estates has pre-arranged commission deals set-up with our collaborating partners from the standard agency fee due to the seller. Therefore, purchasing property trough DeVink Estates won’t cost the seller any extra not having any affect on the purchasing price. Also, as a potential buyer, you won’t incur any costs whether you buy or not.