Real Estate

There are plenty of reasons to make use of a real estate agent. An estate agent can save you time and find properties you wouldn’t find on your own and guide you on the property market, so You can make a balanced purchasing decision.

As any other country, dealing with the Maltese property market one can expect the good, the bad and the ugly. Although investing in Maltese real estate is, in general, a good investment, bad decisions can be made.

Buying & Letting Consultancy

At DeVink Estates we offer an independent real estate consultancy service promising you a strictly impartial professional advice and through our broad network we can find and offer the right property (rental and buying).

Please read the service that we provide for:

Buying property  & Renting property

Property Management

For the convenience of our customers we offer a Property Management service. If you are a property owner in Malta and you need someone to take care of your home while you’re abroad and pick up your post or maybe rent out your place without having the hassle of what comes along leasing your property, DeVink Estates is your reliable partner.

Selling Agent

Do you want to sell your property? At DeVink Estates we are very motivated to list your property, invest in the marketing and find you a buyer for a smooth and fast deal.