Property Management

More Benefits. Less Worry.

Do you own property in Malta but travel abroad for extended periods? Do you live locally but lack the time, energy, or resources to manage the many details involved with property ownership including maintenance, repairs, and dealing with tenants? By using the services of a property manager, you can feel more comfortable leaving and, at the same time, avoid unnecessary surprises upon your return.

DVE Property Management, A Reliable Process

Regular Maintenance Checks and Repairs

To ensure consistent service, we will assign a manager who will become familiar with your property. The manager will make regular visits based on an agreed-upon schedule. A checklist we complete together will inform us about the most important things to know and to do. Any issues we identify will be reported to you promptly and you will be given an estimate of the cost of repairs. Once you approve, we will supervise the work. We use a network of pre-screened, skilled tradesmen to fix problems fast and at competitive rates.

Tenant Screening and Rentals, With Ongoing Support  

There is an increasing demand in Malta for rentals, both long-term and short let. If you decide to rent, we use a standardized process to help you determine the type of renter that best suits your preferences. Together, we will develop a list of house rules and interact with your tenants to ensure that those rules are followed. We can support the process in whatever ways you require – from move-in to maintenance to collections. We will remit all payments to your account quickly, as if you were here to do it yourself.

Your Package. Your Way.

DVE Property Management offers fully customisable packages for those who wish to rent out their property. Services include:

Rental-readiness inspection. We will inventory the contents and condition of your property and make recommendations on anything that may be needed before the property can be successfully rented.

Screening process, setting expectations, and house rules. We will document your preferences to create accountability for all parties involved.

Marketing and promotion. We will submit all of the necessary photos and property information to trusted real estate networks.

Paperwork and finances. We will handle reservations, lease agreements as well as manage financial transactions, including rent payments and maintenance expenses.

Formal representation. We can support you during owner’s association meetings or if other legal/financial issues arise.

Check-in. We will welcome new tenants and deliver special instructions regarding your property.

Check-out. We will thoroughly inspect the property prior to the departure of your tenants.

Complaints mediation. Sometimes things just happen. We will be there to support you through it all.

Maintenance oversight. We can help to organize and supervise general maintenance, repairs, and renovations.

Cleaning and laundry services.We can coordinate the services you need to make everyone comfortable.

Mail collection and forwarding. We can forward your important mail at pre-determined intervals, either by post or by scanning and emailing.

Concierge-level support. Besides those items described above, DeVink Estates offers a broad range of services that include but are not limited to grocery shopping and airport transfers. Ask us about anything, we are here to help.

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