About Us

Introducing DeVink Estates

DeVink Estates (DVE) is a property advisory service and real estate agency that specializes in helping clients throughout Europe relocate to – and invest in – Malta.

In order to provide you the best service and expertise, we collaborate with an extensive network of business partners carefully chosen for their experience, reliability, and integrity. In particular, DVE has an exclusive partnership agreement with Dhalia Real Estate Services, one of the largest and most respected agencies on the island. This ensures that we are able to offer you the most comprehensive selection of properties available.

As both a homeowner and a landlord, I understand the many challenges involved in buying, selling, and managing properties, especially from a distance. I also have gained insights in working with multi-cultural clientele from around the world.    Mark De Vink, Founder and Owner

A Trusted And Reliable Partner For Your Investment

Emigrating and purchasing property is a big deal. This is especially true in a country where you have no deep knowledge of the local laws and business practices. For example, real estate agencies in Malta all offer the same properties based on an “open agency” agreement. This means that exclusive selling rights here are uncommon.

For this reason, you need an agent who understands your lifestyle and preferences in order to show you the right properties. An agent who represents your best interests and keeps you thoroughly informed throughout the entire buying procedure, from the preliminary agreement to the final deed.

Thereafter, you may also need a confidential advisor to guide you through the orientation phase of how to get settled. We can provide you additional support regarding specific documentation needed for emigration, assistance with residency registration, tax authorities and opening bank accounts. We also offer property management services for the times you’re not actually living in Malta.

Call today to see if we are the right resource to support your Malta investment.